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mercredi 20 juillet 2011


Call us odd, but we can remember exactly where we were the first time we heard the name Philippe van Mullem. Creamfields 2000, Oakey on the decks, the festival weather playing ball for once and the first tell-tale strains of Velvet Girl's 'Walking In Sunshine' chiming in. Natalie - head of Bonzai's UK A&R, stood next to us, approved "Ah, the Philippe van Miullem remix - I'm calling Laurent ('Velvet Girl' Veronnez), he'll want to hear this!" Funny the things you remember.

Since 1995 Philippe has been quietly notching up the career markers. The first release on the hallowed Bonzai Trance Progressive label was his and he was also among the first producers credited with bringing vocals into trance tracks. Despite gathering enough Quadran material over the years to make up a Greatest Hits release (in the form of 2009's 'Collected Worx' album), Philippe's never been what you'd call a frontline producer, something he seems to be very comfortable with. Under his Quadran name he has a new single out this month, 'Vertigo', which is a perfect snapshot of what's makes his music so good. Tranquil, sophisticated melodies, super-warm bass and a flawless production quality, which he's endlessly honed over the course of his career. 'Vertigo' remixes come from the master Planisphere, who delivers another effortlessly epic remix and a pair of version excursions from Zas & Sasze. Sometimes the unsung heroes are the most interesting. Check Quadran and by extension Philippe's audio out - it's well worth a look.

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